Greg Ragland

Greg Ragland
Assistant Professor
Department of Integrative Biology
University of Colorado, Denver
Campus Box 171
Denver, CO 80217-3364
PHONE: (303) 556-5970
gregory DOT ragland AT ucdenver DOT edu

Greg Ragland
. I have been an assistant professor in the Department of Integrative Biology at CU Denver since 2016. When I am not immersed in bugs and data, I am usually wrangling my daughters, hiking, running, or cycling.



Jantina Toxopeus. (website) I joined the lab in October 2018 to study the relationship between overwintering and thermal hardiness in several insect systems, and to develop RNAi knockout of diapause candidate genes in Rhagoletis. I completed my Ph.D. dissertation in Brent Sinclair’s lab, studying mechanisms of insect freeze tolerance.

 Graduate Students

Marianne    MB_deadstandingtree

Marianne Davenport. (website) I am a current graduate student at the University of Colorado Denver and study the spruce bark beetle, Dendroctonus rufipennis, which is causing tree mortality in Colorado’s upper elevation forests. I am most interested in biotic and abiotic factors that promote and support increased populations. Previously my research has focused on changes in surface fuels and tree regeneration following the mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae) epidemic in ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) forests in the Colorado Front Range.


Lahari Gadey. I started my M.S. in the Ragland lab in August 2019, and will be working on trying to understand how flies (Drosophila spp.) regulate their gene expression to tolerate low temperatures. I recently completed my B.S. Biology at Temple University (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) and am looking forward to applying my background in entomology to cool molecular biology and physiology questions!

Undergraduate Researchers

Lalitya Andaloori. Lalitya is a UROP-funded student working on the overwintering metabolism of rose flies (Rhagoletis basiola) distributed across altitudinal gradients in the Colorado Rockies.

Manaal Dalwadi. Manaal is completing a directed study project on diapause of Dendroctonus beetles.

Monica Khazaal. Monica joined the lab in Summer 2019, and is Marianne’s right-hand woman for all things beetle – both in the field and the lab.

Matin Sanaei. Matin joined the lab in Fall 2018, and is working on how metabolic rate changes with development in Rhagoletis pomonella. He’s also studying how neurons develop in Rhagoletis brains, funded by a UROP.

Isaiah Sower. Isaiah joined the lab in Summer 2019, and has dived head first into doing field work with Marianne on her favorite beetle pests.

Joseph Tucker. Joe joined the lab in Summer 2019, and is helping Jantina out with her Drosophila RNAi experiments.

Lab Alumni


McCall Calvert (Mac). Mac completed his MS at CUDenver in 2019. He studied the genomics underlying Rhagoletis pomonella seasonality and diapause. He is now a PhD student at the University of Pittsburgh.

Erina Rader. Erina was a UROP-funded student (2018-2019) working on long-read sequencing to elucidate inversion breakpoints associated with adaptation in Rhagoletis during her BS.


Phil Freda. (website) completed his PhD at Kansas State in 2018. He studied how insect performance varied across life stages in Drosophila melanogaster by estimating genetic correlations in thermal limits across metamorphosis using the fully sequenced Drosophila Genetic Reference Panel (DGRP).

Nooshin Sanaei. Nooshin was a technician with the Ragland lab from 2017 – 2018, working on all sorts of Rhagoletis projects and keeping the lab in order.


Eddy Dowle (website) was a postdoc in the lab from 2015 – 2017 studying local adaptation and population structure in the Mountain Pine Beetle and developmental transcriptomics of diapause regulation in apple maggot flies. She is currently a postdoc in the Gemmell lab at the University of Otago.

You-Jin Hao, Chongqing Normal University , Chongqing, China. You-Jin is an insect molecular biologist who studies mechanisms of seasonality and diapause regulation. He is currently developing RNAi approaches in Rhagoletis pomonella and is collaborating on studies of gene expression and developmental dynamics during diapause development.


Adam Schieferecke was a summer research assistant who mined genomic and transcriptomic data for diapause candidate genes and worked with Phil on thermal physiology experiments in spotted wing drosophila (Drosophila suzukii). He is now completing a BS/MS at KSU after earning a prestigious Barry M Goldwater scholarship.


Mariah Brown

Mariah Brown worked on various thermal ecology experiments in D. melanogaster and suzuki, and  continues to work towards her BS at KSU.

Evan Keep worked on gene orthology and comparative transcriptomics as a summer REU student. He has recently completed his BS and is now employed at LabAnswer.



Dan Hahn and Tom Powell (U. Florida), Jeff Feder and Mike Pfrender (Notre Dame), Barbara Bentz (USDA), Karen Mock (Utah State U.), Stewart Berlocher and Hugh Robertson (U. Illinois), Christian Stauffer (BOKU, Vienna). Photo credit: Hannes Schuler.