Welcome to the Ragland Lab. We are interested in the process of local adaptation, particularly in response to seasonal variability. Our goal is to understand the mechanisms and targets of natural selection, integrating studies from genomes, to physiology, to whole organism performance. You can read more about our research here. The lab is re-locating to the University of Colorado, Denver, and I am now actively recruiting graduate students for 2017. Please direct inquiries to Greg Ragland.

Lab News

7/20/16 — The Ragland lab will be re-locating to the University of Colorado, Denver, Department of Integrative Biology, starting 15 August 2016. Dr. Eddy Dowle will be moving to Denver as well, while Phil Freda will remain at KSU to complete his PhD.

7/1/16 — Our NSF Dimensions of Biodiversity proposal with Jeff Feder, Dan Hahn, and Tom Powell has been recommended for funding! This project will examine how seasonal adaptations to changing environments affect co-evolution with parasitoid communities, following up on Glen Hood’s and Adrew Forbe’s excellent work on cascading speciation.

7/1/16 — Our Journal of Experimental Biology paper using RNAseq to test for adaptive divergence in regulation of seasonal timing during winter is now available online. We also found an interesting pattern consistent with active suppression of growth/development during exposure to elevated temperatures.

8/20/15 — Greg presented a comparative transcriptomic study of general stress responses at the ISEPEP meeting in Aarhus, Denmark. Great to catch up with the comparative physiology crowd, very fun meeting with a good mix of sub-organismal physiology, physiological ecology, and ecological genomics.

8/5/15 — Christian Stauffer arrived in Manhattan to start his Fulbright Fellowship. Excited to have him at KSU. Should be a productive semester for our Ips typograpus diapause project.

8/1/15 — Full NSF proposal on acclimation in eastern Newts submitted in collaboration with Nancy Berner at the University of the South and Berea College. Fingers crossed!

6/19/15 — Eddy, Phil, Adam, and Greg presented research at the Arthropod Genomics Symposium in Manhattan, Ks. Nice having a great international crowd just steps from your own front door.

6/15/15 — Our Ecology Letters paper on natural selection and genomic divergence in Rhagoletis flies has now been published (open access). Seems to be getting some good press coverage!

5/14/15 — Our study of transcriptomic responses to host shifts has been published in Molecular Ecology. Cool result suggesting that early in a host shift selection may act strongly against non-adaptive plasticity.

2/15/15 — Phil wins the Reginald Painter memorial scholarship through KSU entomology. Well done, Phil!

5/8/2014 — Christian Stauffer’s Austrian FWF proposal to study the genetics of obligate vs. facultative diapause in spruce bark beetles has been funded! We are collaborators on this work, and very excited to get the project up and running.